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New Publications from NaMLab

New Publications from NaMLab

New research from NaMLab has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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DGKK 2019

DGKK 2019

The Chair for Nanoelectronic Materials and the NaMLab gGmbH are pleased to host the 2019 DGKK workshop on epitaxy of III-V compounds on Dec 5th and 6th, 2019 in the Penck Hotel, Dresden.

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High k Workshop 2020

High k Workshop 2020

Save the Date: March 31th and April 1st, 2020 NaMLab invites to the next Novel High-k Application Workshop in March 2020. New challenges offered by the application of high-k dielectric materials in micro– and nanoelectronics were discussed by more than 100 participants from industry, research institutes and universities.

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NaMLab paper published in Nature

NaMLab paper published in Nature

Researchers from NaMLab have verified a fundamental theory of ferroelectric materials which could lead to more energy-efficient electronics.

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